Inside Shipro
An information system is like a place to dump data & generate reports based on stored data. Shipro is not just an information system; it manages the company's workflow guiding employees through all departments as to accomplish the best possible efficiency.

It has specific workflows defined for specific kinds of voyages & processes, & even for specific cargo types. The advantage of this specialization is that it manages the specific details of each distinct kind of operation. At the same time those workflows are very flexible, customizable & designed after years of research in the maritime agency field for many diversified agencies.

The major challenge behind information & workflow systems is the lack of proper integration between the system modules, resulting in multiple data entry & incomprehensive reports. With this in mind, we built our system modules to be seamlessly integrated acting as a one huge system automatically synchronizing relevant data where it is needed all along with powerful history tracking features & a customizable reporting alternatives. Also it eases collaboration between different branches of a shipping agency as it is an online based solution. Shipro Shipping is mainly composed of the following modules.

Shipro Modules: