Financial Modules
They consist of:

Owners Accounts Module

Here all owners' financial matters are encapsulated. Disbursement accounts are generated & sent to client overseas. Remittances received from owners are saved & distributed as to finalize his voyages balances. Owners' balances are tracked & notifications of any pending balances generate auto reminders for the client as configured. Reports are generated as to rank owners based on required performance metrics.

Local Accounts Module

This module is configured to serve the company's operational cycle & document flow. The system then guides the user through the defined workflow ensuring the correct operation of local accounts management. The system also manages the local accounts receipt & invoice generation & financial balances. Reports are generated that rank local accounts based on the required performance metrics.

Expenses Module

This module is mainly concerned with the registration of both operational & managerial expenses. Managerial expenses are simply registered under the proper categories as defined. As for operational expenses they are linked to the voyage & stakeholder related to the expense, feeding the Voyage Financial Breakdown module, detailed next, which is one of the most powerful Shipro Shipping modules. The required financial reports are customized according to the accountants' needs, & are designed to make their life easier.

Payments Module

Any financial transaction registered on the system feeds this module. The module's main responsibility is to manage the balances of bank accounts, safes & custodies. It is also responsible for managing cheques, credit payment & external entity balances. This module helps users track & manage his financials by providing many useful features like bank account balance forecast based on in/out cheques, & over credit notifications for certain entities & clients.