About Shipro
Egypt has been blessed by its location. It lies in the middle of the world, & is surrounded by two seas, the Red Sea from the East & the Mediterranean from the North.

After the creation of the Suez Canal the importance of Egypt's location became more prominent. Egypt now is considered the portal between the Far East & the West. All these factors contributed to the significance of the shipping industry in Egypt.

The shipping market in Egypt is divided between containers, tankers & bulk. Containers cover 40% of all shipping operations in Egypt, tankers, which are concerned with oil & its products, make up around 30%. Last but not least, bulk cargo, like iron, coal, & grains, make up the remaining 30%. Shipping activities in Egypt are divided between port loading & discharging & Suez Canal transit.

This lucrative industry gave rise to shipping agencies in Egypt, these agencies main responsibility is to oversee the vessels' operations in Egyptian waters, & coordinate with the governmental authorities, on behalf of the vessels' stakeholders.

In 1997, the Ministry of Transport, in an attempt to foster further competition & upgrade the shipping services in Egypt, allowed private shipping agencies to operate independently & to deal directly with the different Port Authorities. This new decree allowed many agents to enter the market, it is estimated that there are more than 300 private shipping agents in Egypt.


The need for integrated shipping agency software

These are the three main driving forces behind the creation of this software:
  • To aid the competitiveness of the local shipping agencies. In this fast paced competitive landscape, agents who cannot cope with the growing technological advancements will soon fade away.
  • The lack of a reasonably priced & properly integrated shipping agency solution in the Egyptian market.
  • To cater for the demand of the private shipping agencies.

Our Mission

Our aim is to improve the performance of local shipping agencies through deploying our system. This will help them maintain their competitive edge in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

In order to properly implement a comprehensive application we needed to orient the system from the point of view of the three major stakeholders for every vessel:
The vessel owner or ship manager is concerned with the management of the vessel itself, the signing on & the signing off of crewmembers, the spare parts & parcel sent to & from the vessel, cash-to-master (CTM), bunker supply, provisions & others.
The charterer (cargo owner) is concerned with the cargo itself, & the costs incurred for shipping the cargo, either loading or discharging at a port or transiting through the Suez Canal.
The local shippers & receivers are concerned with importing / exporting their goods offshore, & the legal paper work & fees needed to finish their loading / discharging operations.

With these thoughts in mind we planned, & succeeded, in introducing SHIPRO to be the first fully integrated, comprehensive, moderately priced, shipping agency solution. Shipro handles different aspects of operations relevant to different kinds of cargos & voyages with a fully customized workflow that satisfied the requirements & steps of each voyage & cargo type; Shipro also has a very specific & customized containers module that is mainly concerned wit handling the various operations from the prospective of the container itself such as selling containers & managing container movements. All aspects & detailed facilitations that shipro offers are presented within the following pages.